Part 2: Varieties

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Which apple varieties does mistletoe grow well on, and which varieties resist mistletoe most effectively? 

There are definitely differences between varieties – but we have little hard information.

If we had some firm data on this it might help considerably - orchard owners who want more mistletoe might be able to pick varieties that it grows prolifically on, and owners who don't want it, or who want to minimise the mistletoe management liability, could opt for varieties that are more resistant. 

And it's not just about orchards in the south-west midlands - gardeners across the country have a ongoing, and possibly increasing, interest in growing mistletoe, and want to know which apple trees are best, and orchards as far away as Kent and lowland Scotland are seeking to establish new mistletoe outposts to meet local demand at Christmas.

Preliminary Survey 2011/12

The Mistletoe League project aims to collect data on apple varieties (and other fruits too – pear, plum and cherry resist mistletoe, but a few varieties of those are susceptible too) over the next two winter seasons – from orchard owners, orchard groups and gardeners in a public participation survey. 

The aim is to run this over at least two winters, working on the assumption that just one season might not catch the attention of all participants, and that from Year Two onwards there may well be more comprehensive data entry after announcing the preliminary results from Year One. 

To access the survey online click here.