Fruit varietal preferences

November 2014 News: A new website with lots of mistletoe survey information - past and present - is due very soon. Come back soon for full information.

News, September 2014:

Responses in 2011 to 2013 were good (thank you to those who have contributed so far!), but responses were not as numerous as they could be, possibly because of the complexity of the combined questionnaires (and some confused press coverage).

So, from 2014/15 onwards, a simplified set of surveys are being launched, aimed particularly at orchard managers in the mistletoe-growing areas of Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Monmouthshire.

The new survey material will be launched in December 2014.

New material will be posted on this page soon.








Management guidance and varietal preferences: The League Project is also aiming to gain information on varietal preferences. In some core area orchards it is obvious there is some preference - with mistletoe abundant on some trees but relatively poor on others. Sometimes this can be explained from management history - but sometimes it appears to be related to the fruit variety. Some seem more susceptible, or more resistant, than others. So, could a Mistletoe League Table be drawn up showing which varieties are best and worst for mistletoe? And could this be used to help manage mistletoe where it is over-abundant, or encourage it where it is scarce? As above, there are currently no data, and it would clearly be useful to have some.